Young people killed in a traffic accident, locals blocked the road

Bolangir: Tensions prevailed here, as many local people blocked Bangamunda-Sindheikel’s path after the death of a young man in an accident on Saturday morning.
The deceased young man, Gharua Satnami from the Bangomunda area, was hit by a truck that accelerated the parachute in Kendubahali village in Cantabanji, Bolangir district.
Furious over this incident, morning residents blocked Bangamunda-Sindheikel’s road this morning seeking compensation for the closest relatives of the deceased.
After blocking the roads, hundreds of vehicles remained stranded on both sides of the road, causing extreme inconvenience to travelers.
Upon receipt of information on the blockade, the police arrived to settle local residents. Agitation was in progress until the last report arrived.

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