Young people arrested for setting up a video of the snake kissing

Bargarh: The Forest Department arrested a young man in the Bargarh district on Friday for shooting video with a snake and its spreading on social media.
The Accused was identified as Rohit Meher. He was arrested on charges of violating the Wildlife Act, said Bargarh Division Officer for Forests P Sandeep.
According to forestry officials, the appeal was filed after the video Rohit posted on social media platforms.
In a short video, Rohit was seen kissing a snake’s hood without any precautionary measures. The viral video also prompted many young girls to repeat the act.
Rohit, who claimed he was not aware of the violation of the Wildlife Act, apologized for his actions.
It is suspected that young people made a video attempting to earn money from the social media platform. However, the reason for many girls who follow a dangerous trend is unknown, sources say.

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