Women block road due to lack of facilities for drinking in Nilgiri

Balassore: Expressing discontent over the lack of a drinking water facility, many women from Harijan Sahi and Oda Sahi from Bogishil Panchayat in the Nilgiri block in Balasore district have set up a blockade of roads.
Even a few days after the country experienced rainfall, water supply has not yet diminished, claim agitators.
The conditions were broken and demanding a fair supply of women’s water panchayat blocked traffic by placing empty jars and accessories on the road.
According to sources, hundreds of villagers went onto the streets and organized protests by placing empty containers and containers after the administration failed to provide drinking facilities.
After being informed, the police, together with Nilgiri IIC, came to the scene and calmed the agitators after the hearing. Police officers convinced villagers to provide them with drinking water via tankers, after which they were throttled, sources said.

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