Winter Promotional Offer: Moe bus forced

Bhubaneswar: 1 December, passengers availing ‘Mo Bus’ service by the Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT) will have to pay a very low fare for their journey.
CRUT has decided to reduce the fares of its AC buses by up to 38% for the next two months in view of winter. The minimum AC bus fare has been reduced from Rs 8 to Rs 5 for the first two kilometers. Similarly, the maximum fare of AC bus service will now be Rs 70 as against Rs 100.
CRUT General Manager Dipti Mahapatro stated that more than 91% of passengers of Mo Bus service would benefit from rationalization of fares in both AC and non-AC categories. “There were constant requests to reduce AC bus fares and we have come up with this promotional winter offer. Tickets are now priced in multiples of Rs 5 to make it convenient for passengers,” said Mahapatro.Mohapatro informed that for nearly 41 % passengers, the fares will come down after the rationalisation process. The fares will be same for 51 % passengers while the fare will go up marginally by Re 1 to Rs 2 for 9 % passengers.
At present, AC bus fares are 60%-140% higher than that of non-AC buses. With revision of the rates, the difference between AC and non-AC bus fares will come down to 30%.
In addition, the cost of the monthly pass has also been revised. A passenger will now have to pay Rs 550 instead of Rs 600 for monthly Bhubaneswar non-AC pass and Rs 750 instead of Rs 900 for AC pass. Similarly, Magic Pass for non-AC and AC will now be priced at Rs 1,100 and Rs 1,500 instead of Rs 1,100.

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