Western Reef Egret Spotted In Chilika

Chilika: Western reef egret bird species was recently spotted at Mangalajodi area situated at the northern edge of Chilika lake, a local bird watcher said on Wednesday.
According to sources, guide Madhu Behera was monitoring the activities of birds at the lake when he spotted the bird also known as western reef heron in the lake.
He had seen the particular bird species in the same area last year as well, however, did not pay much attention to it. This time, after clicking a few photographs of the bird, he discussed it with some bird field guide personnel following which he was told that the bird was western reef heron.
Primarily a coastal inhabitant, these birds are found at inland water bodies of southern Europe, Africa and other parts of Asia and India.
This particular bird species is found in two plumage colour forms — all-white morph and dark grey morph.

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