West Bengal Governor accuses Mamata Banerjee of “degrading”

Kolkata: West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar, who is in loggerheads with the Trinamool government in the state, on Friday accused Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of “humiliating” her “on every occasion” and gave her regular briefs. did not do.
This would only “weaken” his own stature, Mr. Dhankhar told PTI in an interview and urged Ms. Banerjee, to whom he self-respected and assimilated. The governor slammed Speaker Biman Banerjee for “violating the protocol” by inviting other dignitaries to speak at the special session of Constitution Day in the Assembly on 26 November.
“Have you ever seen in any part of India that the governor (s) of a state is being asked to address the assembly in a row at number five and former governor (MK Narayanan), former Lok Sabha speaker (Meera Kumar) Is being given to.) And former Chief Election Commissioner (SY Qureshi)?
“This is a gross violation of protocol. Suffering this great indignity, looking at the importance of the day I went… His conduct leaves much to be desired,” Mr Dhankhar said.
Keeping up his attack against Mamata Banerjee, he said under the Constitution the CM is obliged to brief the governor but he has not been informed by Ms Banerjee even once.
“It is her constitutional duty as chief minister to brief the governor,” he asserted.
“After Cyclone Bulbul, I wrote a letter to her asking her to brief me. But most unfortunately it was replied by the principal home secretary. I take exception to such kind of conduct. My communication to the chief minister has to be replied only by her and none else,” Mr Dhankar said.
Refuting allegations against him that he is crossing his “constitutional limits” and is “trying to run a parallel government”, the governor challenged the Trinamool government to cite one instance of it.
“I am working as per the Constitution. It is not my job to run the government. But it is my job to ensure that the government is run in accordance with the Constitution. If there is violation of the Constitution anywhere, I will step in. Her oath is allegiance to the Constitution, my oath is to protect the Constitution,” he said. The governor created a ruckus at the state government-sponsored Durga Puja Carnival on 26 November and for the alleged disrespect shown in the special session of the assembly on Constitution Day and asked Ms. Banerjee to think about it.
“This kind of behavior is disqualifying about her (Banerjee’s) stature and her status … while I may have been insulted as a result of her own stature. I am sure she will be given her experience , She thinks the way forward. Creative approach, “said Mr. Dhankhar, himself a former MP.

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