“W” Opens New Branch at Bhubaneswar Airport

Bhubaneswar: W, a premium brand of fusion wear that combines Indian and Western sensibility with an emphasis on recognizable design and style, has recently opened its new store at Bhubaneswar Airport.
With this launch, the brand has advanced in its expansion and has met the needs of the entire city. The new store is at the domestic airport, a popular retail destination in the city.
The store displays the latest and colorful collection with a complete range of styles featuring a wide mix of jackets, fashionable flooring such as palazzos, skirts, trousers, dupattas and accessories that suit every occasion, mood and personality. W offers a contemporary Indian wear and remains a step ahead of the fashion curve. In the spring 19 collection, W offers a variety of designs and silhouettes; provides a complete solution for women. However, this season, W is sustainable, but modern with its latest “Yolo dress”, which serves a class of consumers who prefer stylish but sustainable products. The latest collection is inspired by the sustainability that brings the front and bold to the forefront with the challenge of the old and raises the new one. Yolo signifies, when you live only once, this is the dress you live on. Summer collection livaeco delights buyers. Customers can also check the W’s work question and a suitable wearing by Wishful, which gives you plenty of options to choose from.
The highlight of this store is the new retail design that W has adopted to show new categories of goods differently. The most prominent feature is the use of white as the main color that helps to focus better on the colors of the goods. The new format highlights a brand that better displays all styles of the season. There is an interesting window to attract customers attention, as well as the key styles of the season, which are highlighted at the center of the store. The store displays goods through the podiums of lighting fixtures, lighting fixtures and higher displays, thus providing customers with a pleasant shopping experience.

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