Video Viral TikTok: Malkangiri CDMO bans the entry of mobile phones into sensitive hospital units

Malkangiri: In the recent development of the TikTok virus in the Malkangiri Hospital, the main district medical officer today issued a directive banning the entry and use of mobile phones in sensitive and critical units of the hospital.
Malkangiri CDMO Ajit Kumar Mohanty imposed restrictions on the use of mobile phones in the Special Neonatal Care Unit (SNCU), Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Operational Sale (OT) and DHH Workspace to prevent any adverse incidents in the treatment of patients.
Asked by Mohanty, he said that the restriction of wearing mobile phones in sensitive and critical units of the hospital had already been in place but were not strictly enforced.
On June 26, a series of TikTok videos featuring four nurses playing and playing with a newborn baby inside SNCU, DHH became viral on social media.
Minister of Health Odyssey Naba Kishore Das requested a report from hospital staffers to explain the action against the four nurses.
After the incident, nurses were asked to leave for an indefinite period of time after the competent authorities of the hospital issued notice of their appearance.

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