Vedantina Refinery in Lanjigarh launches versatile development in the region

Lanjigarh: Innovation was one of the key pillars in the success story of the Vedant Aluminum growth in Lanjigarch. From the beginning of work in the Indian aluminum sector, Vedantina refinery Lanjigarh has constantly evolved into one of the leading, most modern facilities in India, which have been technologically developed and led to 15 years of development in the region. In the fiscal year 19, the refinery helped Vedanti Aluminum to appear as the largest aluminum producer that is approaching production of 2 million tons a year.
Innovative technologies have improved the competence of the refiners in many aspects. The company has broken new boundaries in the application of technology to enable automation and security in the drive for basic processes. Moreover, the whole production process is supported by an advanced centrally controlled system.
Mr. Rahul Sharma, CEO – Alumina Business, Vedanta Lanjigarh, said: “Vedanta has equipped a refinery with world class technologies and has established global best practices and innovative processes to give the facility a competitive edge. This facility also complemented the operational excellence with environmental sustainability with a deep focus on “Zero Harm, Zero Waste and Zero Discharge”. “
Vedanta Lanjigarh made a map of the ash route to ensure the continuation and increase of ash from a 100 percent refinery to reduce environmental impact. Sharma added: “The company has always believed in the overall development of the environment in which it operates and has been a partner in the development of Kalahandi for the past 15 years. We have made significant efforts and resources in our “waste of wealth” program, and the ash initiative is an excellent result of this culture of zero waste as a way of life. On this line, we allow brick units for fly ash in Lanjigarh Block to use ash from a factory to encourage entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship from waste materials. “
Vedanta Lanjigarh already provides ash to various brick-making units and will further assist in the development of an even larger number of small and medium-sized businesses that will increase employment. The company is rapidly developing an ecosystem for flying units to use ashes from a brick production plant to build roads and support the development of physical infrastructure in the district.
In the midst of infrastructural, technological and sustainable efforts, Vedanta Lanjigarh has also managed to turn the refinery into a key employment generation engine for the district. The plant has employed nearly 80% of people from the Odisha state, almost 60% of which are from the Kalahandi district, turning the facility into one of the largest local employment bases throughout the country.
Refinery Lanjigarh works on the philosophy of disposing of by-products. In addition, provisions have been made for the control of ambient air quality by dust suppression systems, water sprays and wet washers. Six continuous environmental monitoring systems (CAAQMS) were installed for monitoring the air quality inside and outside the refinery. Separate, daily and seasonal monitoring of surface water quality in and around the refinery is taking place within the company’s policy “Zero Liquid Discharge and Reuse”.

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