Vedanta Vidyarthi Vikas Yojana students Matura exam 2019 with flying colors

Jharsuguda: Students of Vedante Ltd., the leading project for CSR in education for corporate social responsibility “Vedanta Vidyarthi Vikas Yojana” from Jharsugude, appeared with grades at matura in 2019.
Out of 100 students who were involved in the project and who appeared on the exam, 98 students successfully completed the graduation and 12 were colored in color, after the first division arrived on the exam. Compared to the national average of 72.35% and the average of the districts of 85.48%, the VVVY project provided a phenomenal 98% rate. From the current series, Sripurin Bunty Kumura and Mamta Dash won the first and third positions, while Banjari’sSuhaniBhainsa placed the second position.
Speaking of that occasion, Mr. Abhijit Pati, CEO-Vedanta doo, Jharsuguda said: “I congratulate all the unhappy students on their phenomenal performance at the graduation examinations, 2019. In the coming days I want to see them at the head of successful careers that fulfill bigger dreams. “
Started in 2009 in partnership with NGO AJKA, the VVVY project runs seven textbook centers for high school students, covering 27 villages of Jharsuguda. In order to improve the work of students at the secondary secondary examination of the Odisha Board, VVVY provides training assistance to Std students. 8-10. Since its inception, the project has been used by more than 4,000 students who came from the surrounding villages.
Encouraged by their success, the VedantaJharsugude CSR team seems to have more success with the upcoming series that appears at the next year’s graduation exam. The agenda next year includes career counseling sessions and other co-educational activities for pupils and parents, except for the usual curriculum.

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