Vedanta Jharsuguda fire mishap: Suspension of operation at GAP

Jharsuguda: The assistant director of the factory and boilers today has banned work on the plant of green anode (GAP) smelter-2 factory Vedanta after a fire on July 6th.
One worker was injured after a fire broke out in the factory of green anode (GAP) smelter-2 factory Vedanta on July 6. The assistant director of the factories and boilers investigated the incident in the fire.
A preliminary investigation suggested that the HTM (Heat Transfer Medium) leaked the oil from the flange of the crushing equipment, which was subsequently caused by a fire.
Accordingly, the work of the green anode smelting plant-2 is prohibited under Article 40 (2) of the Factory Act, 1948, until further orders and fulfillment of the next item, according to the statement of the Assistant Director’s Office, Kotlovi, Jharsuguda Zone.
An external independent agency will conduct a comprehensive firefighting audit for the entire factory, and reports will be provided along with a report on compliance with the flaws in the report, it added in an official statement.

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