Van Mahotsaw: Canadian Beds Odisha in Raj Bhawan

Bhubaneswar: Governor of Odysha Professor Ganeshi Lal has warned people to plant the plantation as part of their lives by planting young shoots at Raj Bhawan premises on the occasion of Van Mahotsaw.
The governor expressed concern over the depletion of forest resources that are causing environmental threats. He invited everyone to do their part in order to maintain the garden of the garden Raj Bhawan, which was devastated near the super-cyclone Fani.
Among other officials, Secretary General of the Governor Madhusudan Padhi, Personal Secretary Himanshu Narayan and DFO Ashok Kumar Mishra were present at that event.
Van Mahotsaw is a seven-day festival celebrated in India. This is a festival of life and is usually celebrated from July 1st to July 7th. Dr. K M Munshi started it in 1950. He was then the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Union.

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