US will offer F-35 jets to India if Russian S-400 deal cancelled

New Delhi: The United States may offer fifth generation F-35 fighter jets to India if it calls off S-400 Triumf air defence system with Russia, according to reports.
India is under tremendous pressure to cancel the USD5.43-billion deal with Moscow. The defence deal was signed in October last year with Russia when President Vladimir Putin was on a visit to India.
The Trump administration has warned India that this deal would directly affect any future high-tech cooperation between both the countries.The US move has come after it charted out a plan to remove Turkey, its NATO ally, from the F-35 fighter jet program. Henceforward, Turkish pilots will not receive any new training for operating the advanced aircraft.
The Trump administration has threatened Turkey with sanctions which might affect the country that is pursuing an independent defence policy.
Reports said while the Indian Defence Ministry is expected to move ahead with its plan for the acquisition of 110 fighter jets, the US has not made any formal offer for the fifth generation fighter plane.

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