US President Trump names Mark Esper for next defense minister

Washington: US President Donald Trump has proposed Mark T Espera as the next secretary of defense, the White House said on Friday night.
If this is confirmed, Esper, the military secretary and former West Point State Secretary of State Mike Pompey, would inherit Jim Mattis. Esper will be the current secretary of defense on Sunday.
The news comes three days after the sudden resignation of Defense Minister Paolo Shanahan, whose hope is to break the deal in the midst of ethical issues, a complaint to his style of leadership and media control over his troubled family history. He also named David Norquist as the next deputy secretary of defense.
Nominations come as Esper and Pentagon are already in the midst of an international crisis due to the fall of Iran in an American unmanned aircraft on Thursday morning.
Trump called for planned air strikes on Iranian radars and missiles. The president announced on Friday that he has canceled strikes because of the chances for victims. Esper, along with Shanahan, was in the White House on Thursday in meetings with Trump on how to answer that question.

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