US drone plane crashes: Tehran firmly responds to US threat

Tehran: Tehran announced on Saturday that it will vigorously avenge the threat of Washington Day after US President Donald Trump claimed he had stopped a military attack on Iran.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said: “We will not allow any violation of Iran’s borders. Iran will firmly face any kind of aggression or threat from America. “It can be recalled that tensions between the United States and Iran have flashed since Thursday, after this crashed the USAF Global Hawk drone, saying that an unmanned aircraft (UAV) broke its airspace. But the US rejected this claim.
The US has approved a strike against Iran. However, Trump said on Friday that the US canceled the strike when it was told that the projected number of those killed from the planned strike in Iran would be 150.
The US president said: “I am not in a hurry, our army has been restored, new and ready to launch, far the best in the world. Sanctions are biting and added last night. Iran can never have a nuclear weapon, not against the US, and not against the world! “.

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