US cyber attack on the Islamic Republic unsuccessful: Iran

Tehran: Iran said US alleged cyber attack on the Islamic Republic was unsuccessful. This reaction comes from Iran after US media reported the attack.
Telecommunications Minister Mohammad Javad Azarari Jahromi said on Twitter: “The media is asking for the correctness of the alleged cyber-attack on Iran. They have not yet made a successful attack, although they go to great lengths. “
According to the American media, after the drone attack, Washington has launched cyber attacks against Iranian missile defense systems. Following the drone attack, US President Donald Trump has authorized the US cyber squad to conduct a cyber retaliatory attack on Iran.
“We defeated not one attack last year, but 33 million Dejpha shield attacks,” said Azari Jahromi, referring to a new Internet defense system developed by the Islamic Republic.
The tensions between Iran and the United States have been high since Trump unilaterally withdrew from the 2015 multinational nuclear deal with Tehran last year.
The Trump government has imposed pungent sanctions on Iran to paralyze its economy. The US is expec

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