Two-year-old girl rescued from Jagatsinghpur’s Gorakhnath temple

Jagatsinghpur: A two-year-old girl was rescued from the precincts of Gorakhnath temple in Jagatsinghpur district.
Reports said the child was found yesterday on the occasion of Makar Sankranti.
Reportedly, an unidentified woman approached a beggar last afternoon and asked her to have an eye on the kid as she was searching for her husband. However, the woman did not return to take her child.
The beggar then called upon others for help. Later, an auto-rickshaw driver took the child with him and immediately alerted police on the matter.
The child was handed over to the police but fearing action for child-theft, the beggar fled the spot.
While the identities of the kid and her parents are yet to be ascertained, the exact circumstances behind the child being abandoned have remained a mystery, sources said.

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