Two children killed in Chhath Puja in Bihar due to stampede

Patna: Two children died in a stampede during Chhath Puja in Aurangabad. According to reports, a stampede occurred during Chhath Puja.
The deceased was a six-year-old girl from Bihta in Patna and 18 months from Bhojpur.The report said that some other people were also injured in the accident at Suryakund. The officers moved quickly to control the situation when it first came to their attention.
The incident occurred when devotees were returning after observing the Chhath puja, officials said. District Magistrate Rahul Ranjan and senior police officials met the relatives of deceased children.
The incident occurred due to huge number of devotees who unexpectedly turned up at the Chhath puja venue on the occasion. Inadequate crowd control measures also contributed to the incident, it is alleged.

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