Trump praises PM Modi at the G20 summit in Osaka

Osaka: US President Donald Trump described the victory of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Lok Sabha polls in 2019 as a fantastic tribute to his abilities.
Trump said: “They (PM Modi) deserve it (victory in the general election). You have done a good job in pulling together. I remember when you took office, there were many factions fighting together. Now they understand each other. It’s a fantastic tribute to you and your abilities. “
This was Trump’s answer during a bilateral meeting between the two countries on the sidelines of the G20 summit, which began on Friday.
According to media reports, the heads of state and government of the two largest democracies in the world exchanged warm greetings and shared bonhomia at the summit.
The US president hoped that both countries would cooperate “in a variety of ways” and would suggest a change in US-India relations.

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