Trump orders an attack on Iran, but retreats later: US officials

Washington: US President Donald Trump ordered an attack on Iran on Thursday, but canceled the operation before it was supposed to happen, officials said.
Trump allegedly ordered a retaliatory attack to topple the surveillance drone in the Hormush Strait.
Officials wanting anonymity said the president approved strikes after the Iranian Corps of the Guardian Islamic Revolution (IRGC) threw down a naval ship RQ-4 that operated on the southern coast of Iran.
Development in the Hormuz Strait put the United States and Iran on a military conflict, because each side accused the other of the incident.
According to reports, Tehran and Washington made contradictory reports of what happened when massive drones fell into the sea.
While Iran declared that it had entered its airspace, the US military described it as an “unprovoked attack” on one of the most important commercial waterways in the world.

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