Triple murder rocks Sakhigopal in Puri

Puri: Three people, including two brothers, were brutally killed by unknown assailants at Patnaikia Square in Sakhigopal police district in Puri district on Sunday.
The incident happened in the evening. The identity of the deceased was not immediately established. It is suspected that the killings were the result of hostility from the past.
After being informed, the police rushed to the scene and seized the bodies. The police launched an investigation into the matter and examined the area.
After the killings, tensions erupted in that area. The angry mob blocked the path of Puri-Patnaikia, which interfered with the movement of the vehicle on the route.
As the murders took place a few yards from the main road Bhubaneswar-Puri, it hindered the movement of the vehicle on the route. Hundreds of vehicles remained stranded on both sides of the road.
It is significant that the rituals of bringing Adhara Pane to the deities in the car conducted today in Puri and lakhs devotees visited the city of pilgrims. Although adequate security arrangements have been made for this occasion, a triple murder has raised the issue of security.

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