Triple car to the Gundich temple in Puri

Puri: Three cars, Nandighosh Lord Jagannatha, Taladhwaj Lord Balabadhre and Darpadalana from Devi Subhadra have reached the temple of Shree Gundich.
The coalition of Lord Balabhadra Taladhwaja and Devid Subhadrina Darpadalana first arrived to the Gundich temple, followed by Nandighos Lord Jagannatha.
More devotees today have forced Bada Dand to withdraw the trinity of the trinity. The devotees pulled three cars into the Gundich Temple in the middle of a religious jar.
The withdrawal of the Balabhadre chariot started today at 2:15 pm on the afternoon of Darpadalana Devi Subhadra. Finally, Nandighos Lord Jagannatha went on a nine-day stay in the Gundich Temple.
After staying in the car on Thursday evening, the deities will be taken to the Adap Mandap inside the Gundich Temple, believed to be the birthplace of the deities, on Friday in “Pahanda”.
Earlier in the day, the Pahandi ritual began at 8 am, and the deities were brought in by car. Shankaracharya had the darshan deities on the car. Later, Gajapati Maharaj Dibyasingha Deb performed the Cherapahara rituals after which the car was withdrawn.

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