Training program for the tourist police from July 22 to August 4

Bhubaneswar: Security and safety of tourists is necessary for every destination that seeks to increase its popularity among visitors. More and more countries are introducing tourist police units to protect the interests of tourists. So, the police is an important part of every image of the destination. Efficient and focused use of the “tourist police” can help reduce crime against tourists.
Police Commissioner Satyajit Mohanty said this during the inauguration of a 15-day training program for the tourist police organized by the Indian Institute for Tourism and Travel Management, Bhubaneswar sponsored by Odisha Tourism.
72 police officers from eight tourist police stations Odisha were trained for training. On behalf of the Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India, IITTM Bhubaneswar conducted a study on the functioning of the tourist police in countries and countries under the leadership of Prof. S. Lenka, Nodal IITTM Bhubaneswar officer during the financial year 2015-16.
Prof. S.K. Lenka said that based on this report from the study Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Government. India has asked all state governments to organize training for its tourism police to meet the needs of tourists and improve the quality of the police service in various tourist destinations.
Nirmal Chandra Mishra, Director of Odisha Tourism and Sagnik Chowdhury, Regional Director, Indian Tourism, Govt of India, also attended the event. Thanksgiving was given by the training coordinator, Dr Adyasha Das. On this occasion, senior police officers from the Police and Tourism Department attended. The training program will take place in two batches of 36 participants.

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