“Tough” is easy for Sharath’s Team India

Cuttack: India may have had the toughest opponents of the teams that participated in the 21st Commonwealth Championships Championship, starting from Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium since tomorrow. But team captain and as paddler A. Sharath Kamal is more than confident that India will keep the Household Cup on Friday.
Sharath was not far from scoring when he talked about pulling out, as India’s club with Singapore and Scotland in Group B, while England, the best ranked team here and ranked in Group A for Sri Lanka and Cyprus.
With a format that allows two teams from each group to qualify for the second stage, Sharath & Company does not lose any sleep. In fact, he said India would strive for gold medals.
His calculations are based on the weakest teams in England, Nigeria and Singapore who came here. He said this in as many words as he asked for an opinion about pulling out. “Indeed, we are in the toughest group, but since England, Nigeria and Singapore did not place their best players, Indian men should win the team and open events,” said the winner of 10 medals, including the 2004 gold medal and individually. .
Without a doubt, with the Commonwealth game that has drawn all the attention lately, the focus has shifted from the Commonwealth Championship. But Sharath was grateful for the efforts of the Indian Table Tennis Association. “TTFI did a great job offering free hospitality to all teams and this kept the event alive,” said the 37-year-old.
Returning to the championship, Sharath said that Mr Sathiyan, ranked 24th in the world, has recently played, India would always like to have a chance against even the heaviest. “He is in the shape of his life. In addition, two experienced fighters in Liam Pitchford and Paul Drinkhall (England) and Aruna Quadri and Segun Toriola (Nigeria) are not here. And Singapore set the young side while other teams are not so strong. This makes it easier for us to work, “he said.
Compared to that, the women’s team plays far easier than they would have expected. Again, based on team rankings, Singapore is the most important team, but India, in second place, is part of Group B with South Africa and Sri Lanka, while Group A has Singapore, Wales and Scotland. Other groups have fewer ranking teams.
Indians, in their power, should be able to cross the barrier of the first stage without having to sweat. However, they could face sharp competition from Singapore because hosts come to the finals. Manika Batra, on whose shoulder a load is loaded, may not be in the form she met in the CWG and the Asian Games in 2018, but is able to do it at a team competition, especially when the home crowd would be the root for her and Team India.
In the first group game of the Indians take over Scotland, followed by Singapore.
The inauguration is scheduled for 10.30 tomorrow morning, and the championship will be announced by the governor prof. Ganeshi Lal. And the championships are open to group matches in the women’s section for team championships.
The six-day event will be broadcast live in Doordarshan.
Group A: England, Sri Lanka, Cyprus
Group B: India, Singapore, Scotland
Group C: Nigeria, Malaysia, Bangladesh
Group D: Australia, South Africa, Wales
Group A: Singapore, Wales, Scotland
Group B: India, South Africa, Sri Lanka
Group C: Australia, Malaysia, Cyprus
Group D: Nigeria, England, Bangladesh

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