Today to open Hirakud Dam 16 and Sluice Gate

Sambalpur: Hirakud Dam authorities have decided to open 16 more sluice gates today after the water level in the reservoir rises due to excess of water in the upper catchment area.
According to information from the Hirakud Dam Control Room, the water level touched 621.23 feet. 1, 57, 659 cusecs of water against the outflow of 14,639 cusecs of water entering the dam.
Latest update of water flow (cusec) at various points from Hirakud till 9 am:
-Belgaon (Tel R): 65,500 Falling
-Patharla (Oil R): 2,19,143 Falling
-Kirmal (Mahndi R): 3,35,000 Steady
-Barmool (Mahndi R): 5,18,250 falling
-Mundali (Mahndi R): 8,80,590 Falling
The opening of more sluice gates is likely to cause flood-like conditions in the lowlands.
Notably, a sluice gate was opened on Wednesday to release excess floodwater from the reservoir into the basin due to increased flow due to heavy rainfall in the upper catchment areas of the Mahanadi River. The sluice gate was later closed.

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