The vice president calls for the National Innovation Movement

New Delhi: Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu has called for the creation of a national innovation movement to promote ideas and innovations that will improve people’s living conditions and create wealth.
Speaking after the presentation of the Gandhi Award for Young Technological Innovation (GYTI) – 2019, in a function organized by the Department of Biotechnology, today, Naidu emphasized the need to utilize the huge talent present in every part of society throughout the length and breadth of the country to build a new and inclusive India.
Praising the award-winning vice president, he urged young scientists to devise simple, low-cost, but high-tech innovations to make people’s lives more comfortable and address challenges such as pollution, climate change, illness, not so profitable agriculture, and low-efficiency industrial processes.
Citing an example, the vice president referred to a machine invented by Telangan Chintakindi Mallesham, a developer of the Asu machine, an innovative autochthonous device that reduces the effort and time needed for weaving the saree from about 6 hours to an hour and a half.
Mallesham was awarded Padm Shrimm for his invention, and the film was shot on his way and achievement.
The vice president visited the exhibition of 21 winners on the margins of the event and spent a lot of time examining the usefulness of his innovations for an ordinary man. His visit to the exhibition filled him with optimism that in the near future he will achieve faster economic development and technological achievements, he added.
Referring to the invitation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to “reform, execute and transform,” Naidu said he had a lot of meanings in that message, adding that he did not hesitate to describe the prime minister as a big transformer since the elections have now ended. . He recalled that former US President Barack Obama called the Modus “the main reformer” in a profile he wrote in Time magazine.
He said that the transformation of the nation to improve people’s lives, and innovation plays an important role in this process.
Taking into account that skilled and capable young people must become drivers of innovation in India, the vice president has called for increasing their skills and encouraging research into unexplored areas. He also called for a redirection of the education system in order to stimulate thinking and approach to solving the problem.
In this aspect, the vice president suggested good use of government schemes, such as Digital India and Atal Tinkering Labs, a need for India to become a global innovation center.
Naidu paid homage to the late Dr. Syami Prasad Mookerjee at his jubilee anniversary of his birth and said that he would always remember him with his brilliant parliamentary skills, great oratorical skills and the setting of his life to support the status of Jammu and Kashmir as an inalienable and integral part of India.
Referring to the intensification of interventions in biotechnology in order to make agriculture more sustainable and sustainable, he said there is a need for a greater focus on related sectors such as animal husbandry, dairy industry, fisheries, with the exception of other vital areas such as health, nutrition, environment and conservation of biodiversity .
On plans to make India an economy of five trillion dollars by 2025, Naidu said the engines that drive this growth will be start-up and digitization. In this context, he proposed that each school and faculty should set up an innovation department and promote the culture of entrepreneurship.
The vice president said that the government identified 117 aspiration districts for their overall transformation and encouraged young innovators to be part of a mass movement to transform these districts.

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