The US tells the London court that Dawood Ibrahim is in Pakistan

New Delhi: The United States has confirmed India’s claims and told the London court that Don Dawood Ibrahim underground is hiding in Pakistan.
According to reports, the US recognition comes Tuesday that the D-company is operating and carrying out anti-India activities from Pakistan.
US admission took place during the extradition trial of the top Dawood from the United Kingdom.
Reports say the FBI in New York is investigating a D-based company based in Pakistan, India and UAE. The head is Dawood Ibrahim, an Indian Muslim who lives in exile in Pakistan, say the United States.
As previously reported, India has on several occasions assessed the international community as to where the fugitive is in Karachi.
According to media reports, Dawood enjoys a safe haven in the suburbs of Karachi.
Indian security agencies have evidence of a phone bill and a copy of a Pakistani passport that suggests that the world of his family is in Pakistan.
The telephone bill also refers to Dawood’s address as D-13, Block 4, Karachi Development Authority, Sch 5, Clifton.

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