The United States deploy high-tech aircraft in the Gulf amid tensions in Iran

US: The United States has deployed F-22 fighters to Qatar amid heightened tensions after Iran overthrown an American drone.
This contributed to the increase in the number of US forces in the bay due to tensions with Iran.
The Central Military Command of the US Air Force said in a statement that the F-22 Raptors combat aircraft were deployed in the military to “defend American forces and interests”. However, in the statement, it is not specified how high-tech planes are deployed.
Tehran and Washington are in escalating backlog since US President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from the multilateral nuclear agreement of 2015 and reintroduced sanctions for the Islamic Republic.
It can be recalled that tensions rose last week when Iran overturned an American cruise flyer over the delicate Gulf waters after a series of assaults on tenors that Washington blamed on Tehran. Iran denied its participation.
Iran has threatened to give up its obligations under the nuclear agreement, unless other partners like Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia fail to help overcome US sanctions.

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