The ritual of the Holy Trinity of the Banks is lying in the Gundich Temple today

Puri: The Holy Trinity enjoying a stay at the Gundich Temple in Puri will be organizing a special makeup session during the Banaka Lazi Seva, which will take place today.
Therefore, the general daršan of the deities will be limited to six hours to 21 hours.
The fatigued jat and the rituals of the pahandi or the escort of deities in Adap Mandap left idols that look bored. So, there is a tradition of applying colors and makeup for one day after the deities are carried in the Gundich temple.
On this make-up session, which beautifies the deities, special temple officials on a hereditary basis have a duty.
Banak lags or applying fresh colors to idols is carried out seven to eight times a year. This is done after the day of the rath yatra and preferably before the hera panchami ceremony held on the fifth day of the festival.
Tomorrow, there will be a special ritual of rath yatra festival, hera panchami.

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