The location of Dawood Ibrahim has never been a secret: India

New Delhi: India has stated that the location of the fugitives from the band Dawood Ibrahim was never secret the day after the FBI from the United States told the London court that it was in Pakistan.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Raveesh Kumar told reporters that “the location of Dawood Ibrahim is not a secret. We are always presenting Pakistan a list of people who are in their country. We were constantly asking for immediate surrender to India. His impression on the Mumbai explosion is very clear to all of us.
Kumar called Pakistan’s approach a classic case of “double standards” and added that Pakistan was exposed, claiming that they had taken measures against terrorist groups operating from its soil.
The passages in the US Prosecutor’s statement state that Dawood Ibrahim, an Indian Muslim who is currently in exile in Pakistan, is said to be D-company.
He says Dawood and his brother and chief lieutenant, Anis Ibrahim, fugitives from India since 1993, when the D company was involved in serial bomb explosions in Mumbai that killed more than 200 people.

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