The Karnataka crisis is getting deeper when the 21 ministers of the Congress resign

Bengaluru: The current crisis is deepened when 21 congressional ministers resigned voluntarily through political turmoil in Karnataka on Monday, according to reports.
Siddharamaiah, the leader of the Parliamentary Legislative Party, confirmed this as he spoke to journalists in Bengaluru. Deputy Prime Minister G Parameshwara has already offered his resignation. Chief Minister Karnataka HD Kumaraswamy returned from the US to address the situation.
As previously reported, 11 MLA, eight Congress and three JD (S) resigned over the weekend. Later, 10 MLAs went to Mumbai and were reportedly accommodated at the hotel.
Defense Minister Reinhard Singh said that the BJP has nothing to do with the situation in Karnataka. Singh said: “We are committed to preserving the dignity of parliamentary democracy. The trend of resignation was initiated by Rahul Gandhi in the Congress, and we did not start. He himself asked people to resign, even high-ranking leaders resign. “
BJP leader Shobha Karandlay demanded that Chief Minister Karnataka HD Kumaraswamy resign because he lost the majority.

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