The IAS officer dumps the rocky mountains to reach the inaccessible Chandrapur block in Rayagada

Rayagada: The Gunupur sub-collector, along with administrative officials, reached the Chandrapur block hit by Naxal in Orissa district in Rayagada to interact with the local population about their problem.
The IAS officer, D Sidheswar, took to the streets on two rocky mountains and non-motor roads, as heavy rain had blocked land from the mainland in the last few days.
A senior official visited many villages, including Kurumagoudu, Gudulibali, Brahgudu, Upar and Badrisahi, and talked with people about various facilities, including the availability of basic civic benefits.
Sub-collector Gunupur accepted the challenges of these inaccessible villages and discussed issues such as safe drinking water, electricity, access road, primary health care facilities and social security systems.
Sidheswar spoke to Kurumaguda villagers about drinking facilities and instructed the engineers to immediately dig wells. Later, residents of the village of Upar claimed that infants and children became victims of malnutrition due to the lack of Anganwadi center at the site.
The official walked a few kilometers across the uneven terrain and received first hand experience of the difficulties that the locals face. Allegedly, villages located at the border of Rayagada-Kandhamal are mainly remote and intangible.

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