The Holy Trinity gives the darshan on the car, to go today to the temple of Mausi Ma

Puri: A large number of devotees gathered in Puri, while giving the Holy Trinity to pilgrims on their car in front of the temple of Mausi Maa.
The deities, who arrived yesterday to their aunt’s home, riding three magnificent churches in the form of a temple, will be taken to the Adap Mandap at the Gundich Temple later in the afternoon.
“Goti Pahandi” will be conducted outside the temple of Gundich with Lord Balabhadra, which will be conducted to the “War Simhasana” in the temple, followed by Devi Subhadra and Lord Jagannath.
The devotees were pushing to see the deities here. The administration made arrangements for devotees in the Gundich Temple complex.

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