The government of Odisha sanctions 127 projects worth Rs. 295 cr for local authorities

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government approved 127 projects for various city councils (ULB) worth about Rs. 295cr on Saturday as part of the Odisha Urban Infrastructure Development Fund (OUIDF).
The sanction was granted at the meeting of the Governing Board chaired by Secretary-General Aditya Prasad Padhi at the Secretariat.
Padhi instructed officials to focus on building capacity and earning revenue to further the capabilities of the ULBS. He also stated that the projects should be results-oriented and their impact assessed. The State Urban Development Agency (SUDA) was appointed node agency for capacity building of the staff in 114 ULBs of the state. The Special Representative for Housing and Urban Development Prem Kumar Jha presented the technical, administrative and financial details of the projects for consideration. Sri Jha suggested that energy-efficient greenfield street lighting projects helped to expand street lighting in urban areas. The LED project proposal for 113 ULBs with an estimated total cost of 265cr rupees was approved at the meeting.
The Secretary-General instructed the ULB to evaluate the results of LED street lighting projects. Other projects approved by the Board included the rehabilitation and peripheral development of 14 water bodies in five ULBs, estimated at Rs 30 crore.
The Board also reviewed the progress of the water supply projects in Golapur. Berhampur, water supply under PPP (NISER & IIT); energy-efficient street lighting projects in 5 companies; Market development projects in Sambalpur, Cuttack and Bhubaneswar; Waste management project in Berhampur, wastewater treatment projects in Sambalpur and Rourkela; and water body development projects in 11 different ULBs. The Secretary General was tasked to set the timetables for each stage of the projects at the level of the soil and to ensure timely completion.

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