The government mandated retirement of 312 officials for lack of integrity: Jitendra Singh

New Delhi: The government of the Union has obligated retirement as many as 312 government officials too early on the grounds of lack of integrity and inefficiency.
This was informed by Jitendra Singh, the Ministry of Education and Science at the Ministry of Personnel, Public Complaints and Pensions and the Ministry of Defense in the Prime Minister’s Office, while answering a question at Lok Sabhi.
Singh said that from July 2014 to May 2019, a total of 36,756 members of group A and 82,654 members of group B were examined. After the inspection, 125 Group A and 187 Group B officers were obliged to withdraw from the government due to lack of integrity and infectivity.
“According to the applicable disciplinary rules, the government has the right to act against corrupt officials on the basis of available evidence. The Government also has the absolute right to consider government officials prematurely on the grounds of lack of integrity and inefficiency, in the public interest, under the provisions of Basic Rules (FR) 56 (j) (1), Rule 48 of the Central Civil Service Rules (CCS), 1972. and Rule 16 (3) (modified) of Death-cum-Retirement Benefits [AIS (DCRB)] Rules, 1958. These rules prescribe a periodic review policy and the early retirement of government officials, a continuing process “Read the written response of Singha Loku Sabhi.
Last month, the government mandated retirement of 15 officials of the Central Committee of Indirect Taxes and Customs with immediate effect on charges of corruption.

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