The government lost revenue of Rs 6 crore after allocating land in Bharat Masala Barang

Bhubaneswar: The state government has suffered heavy revenue loss due to illegal mining in the land allotted to Bharat Masala Company in Ramdaspur Panchayat under Barang Tehsil of Cuttack District.
According to sources, Barang Tehsildar Manas Kumar Jena has said that there is a revenue loss of around Rs 5 – 6 crores after the state government allotted land to Bharat Masala (company) to set up a factory in Ramdaspur. Jena said that, out of the total area allocated by the state government to Bharat Masala Company to set up its factories, 14.356 decimal area is full of murram.
As per the rule, it is the responsibility of the Odisha Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (IDCO) to level the land for the respective business unit which is ready to set up a factory on such land. Later, IDCO should pay royalties received from the company to the state government.
However, in the case of Bharat Masala Company, IDCO has not paid any royalty to the government, for which the government has incurred a revenue loss of Rs 5 – 6 crores.
The state government had issued a letter to IDCO to pay royalties, however, IDCO did not pay a single penny for royalties. Later, the company took over the land and used it to their advantage.
IDOs and some powerful individuals have used the company for their selfish interest after illegally transporting Murrams from the region to other parts across the state on the pretext of leveling the land.

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