The goals are that Odisha becomes an economy with three billion dollars

Bhubaneswar: Secretary General Naveen Patnaik announced on Wednesday in the Secretariat a Vision paper – “Economic Opportunities for Odish for a $ 1 trillion economy.”
The document was jointly prepared by JSW Group and PwC India. Announcing this report, the Chief Minister said that Odisha, which has enormous natural resources, can achieve this goal on its path by investing in friendly policies, infra-linking and skilled manpower.
“Odisha will take a central role in launching national growth as a production hub. The global economy has grown three times over the past three decades and is projected to grow by more than double the number by 2050, “said CM.
He further stated that the potential of the minerals industry in Odisha, together with other sectors such as agriculture, food processing, creative industries, SMEs, women entrepreneurship, will play an important role in making Odisha an economy of one trillion dollars.
Speaking on the occasion, JSW President Sajjan Jindal emphasized the role of regional economies in making India an economy of ten trillion dollars. He also described Odish as a hidden gem of India.
The ceremony was also attended by senior government officials together with JSW Group and PwC India officials.

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