The fourth world wealth of Yoga: Para-athlete Toran Yadav wins 3 silver medals

Chhattisgarh: Pair of athletes Toran Yadav of Chhattisgarh won 3 silver medals at the 4th World Festival and the Championship in wealth in Europe.
Toran, a paternal athlete from Khatti village in Chhattisgarh, who represented India at the 4th World Festival and the Rugby Championship, won 3 silver medals. He won two silver medals in a rhythmic pair and an artistic pair and a bronze medal in the athletic yoga.
The nineteen-year-old began yoga at the age of 9 and was soon selected to represent India. Yadav never felt like he was particularly capable and he always had the will to do something for the country. When asked, Toran said: “I feel very proud to be India. I want to do something in the field of yoga in the future. “

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