The Executive Committee assesses the success of the first edition of the FIH Pro League

Lausanne, Switzerland: The Executive Committee of the FIH (EB), led by the President of the FIH, Dr Narinder Dhruv Batra, used the FIH Pro League grand finale to hold his second meeting of the year in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 28-29. June.
Although acknowledging that, as with any project that comes to birth, some areas require adaptation, the Executive Board expressed great satisfaction with the first edition of the global league and the domestic league of FIH. The highest level of play, the regular frequency of quality games, the abundance of domestic matches and, for some teams, the presence was rated as a particularly positive outcome.
The executive board also confirmed that the long-term plan for “Pro League 2”, which has not yet been given an official name, will be established before the end of the year.
The next major FIH events will be the FIH Olympic Qualifiers, which will be held at the end of October – early November. The winners of these qualifications will join Japan and the continental champions at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.
The EB has decided to draw up a four-year plan to develop a global Hockey 5s event that will include the continental qualifications leading to the World Cup in the future. This plan will be finalized later this year.
FIH Polytan Global Supplier reported on their progress in the development of dry hockey grounds. Last year, FIH discovered its will to find an alternative for flooded plots until 2024, which significantly contributed to a more sustainable environment. This process will be conducted with all relevant stakeholders consulted – primarily athletes – in order to achieve the same quality as the existing water fields.
Finally, the EB decided to organize the FIH 2020 Congress in India.
It was the first meeting of EB Clare Prideaux (AUS) – recently elected President of the Hockey Federation of Oceania (OHF) – as a member of FIH EB.

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