The construction of dining rooms for Muslim students is a complaint: BJP

Kolkata: The Bharatiya Janata Party described the decision of the West Bengal government to establish dining rooms in Muslim majority schools as “appeasement for minorities.”
According to reports from the Ministry of Minorities and Madrasa Education (MAMED) newsletter, district administrations have requested that they submit a list of state schools where minority students have more than 70 percent of students.
The circular is in line with the state government’s decision to build separate dining halls for Muslim students.
The Government of West Bengal has made clear that it is part of the ongoing process to extend the reach of MAMED beyond the Madrasas for the development and well-being of the minority community.
The state government has further clarified that the construction of dining halls will benefit not only Muslim students but also other students. However, as the initiative is taken by MAMED, it can only release funds for schools with a significant number of Muslim students.
Dilip Ghosh, president of the BJP unit in West Bengal, tweeted, “Why this discrimination between students because of religion? Is there another Mala Fide motive for this breakup? Another conspiracy. “

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