The Center gives a deadline for the implementation of “one nation, one card meal”

NEW DELHI: The Center gave the countries and territories of the Union a deadline until June 30, 2020 to introduce a “one nation, one card for meal” system, according to which consumers can buy subsidized food products from meals in any part of the country.
Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan said that 10 countries – Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Telangana and Tripura – already ensure the transferability of the rights to the public distribution system (PDS).
“Until June 30, 2020,” One nation, one card for meals “should be implemented without interruption throughout the country. We wrote letters to the state government to quickly monitor the implementation of this system,” said Mr. Passed to reporters.
The new mechanism will ensure that the poor do not lose the right to PDS if that person is transferred from one place to another. The system will also help remove fake cardboard holders, he added.
Mr. Paswan said that there are 11 countries, including Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh, which can easily implement PDS portability within their own country, as Point of Sale (PoS) machines are installed in all trade outlets.
This is one of the 100-day agenda of the Modi 2.0 government, he added.
Since November 2016, the government has been implementing the National Food Safety Act, according to which food products are delivered each month at very subsidized rates. 1-3 per kg to over 80 people in the country.
Speaking about the new system, Mr. Paswan said that the users are asked to show their Aadhaar card for the purchase of food cereals from any store in the country. Only a cash box is sufficient for users to get the right to PDS only from a certain registered department store.
So far, Aadhaar’s cards of around 89% of users are connected to the system, while 77% of the installments of the stores installed PoS machines, he said.
Even 22 countries have 100% PoS coverage and no problems in implementing the new system. Delhi transferred the portability of the PDS a year ago, but later stopped, Paswan added.
Asked if the user moving to another country where the PDS foodgrain is being given for free is entitled to the same, a senior official of the Ministry of Food said, “In such cases, the user will be entitled to the rates set by the center, 1-3 kg per kilogram.
To ensure that one family member does not purchase the entire family quota in one move after moving to another place, the maximum limit of purchase will be determined, the official said.
In such cases, the user will be allowed to buy up to 50% of the family quota. This will ensure that other members are not deprived of their rights, he added.
The Ministry of Food will soon issue detailed guidelines on this, the official added.
In addition, Paswan announced the distribution of fortified rice under PDS on a pilot basis in one district in 15 countries from October to November.
The rice grown in the Kharif season 2019 will be fortified with iron, folic acid, vitamins A and B12 in the grinding phase according to standards established by the Indian Food Safety Authority and Standards (FSSAI), he said. The scheme was approved in January.

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