The body of a seven-year-old boy who drowned in the Pooja surrendered to the Pakistani army

New Delhi: As a humanitarian gesture, the Indian army handed over the body of a seven-year-old Pakistani boy, found from the river in the Bandipore district of Jammu and Kashmir to the Pakistani authorities.
Abid Sheikh, who drowned in the Kishengang River on the Pakistani side of the control line (LoC), was handed over to Pakistani authorities in Dudgai, Chorwan, in the controlled area at 2 pm.
On July 9, the body of boys, Minimarga residents across the control line in the Gilgit region, was found from Burzil Nale near the control line near the village of Acchura. The Indian Army immediately launched an action and established its identity through civil administration, the statement said.
According to social media reports, the boy disappeared from July 8 and is suspected to have entered the Burzil Nalo. In accordance with its ethos, as a humanitarian gesture, the Indian Army established contact with the Pakistani army on a hotline and also persuaded the civilian administration to postpone the last ritual.
The local religious leader and elders of the village were convinced to support the noble gesture of handing over the dead body to the deceased’s family at the earliest. The locals offered prayers for the dead in Dawar mosque. Social media was following humanitarian demands throughout the day to surrender the dead body of the young Abida on both sides of the control line.
On July 10, local commanders Gurez sincerely tried to hand over a dead body to the commander of the Pakistani army in Minamiarga. Finally, commanders at the highest level of the Indian army had to intervene and the dead body was handed over to the Pakistani army on July 11, 19 near the village of Dudgay.
The locals appreciated the efforts of the Indian army to alleviate the suffering of members of the family on a humanitarian basis on the Pakistani side of the MZ.

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