The AN-32 aircraft fleet is navigable, without problem: Rajnath Singh

New Delhi: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh informed Rajyu Sabhu on Monday that the AN-32 plane that was crashing into Arunachal Pradesh was capable of flight.
Singh said the accident rate for 10,000 hours of flying in the aviation decreased from 1.04 in 1999 to 0.33 at the moment.
Answering the supplementary information during the question clock, Sing described the accident as an accident, but made it clear that there was no problem with the airworthiness of the aircraft.
The Dom reported that 13 people died in an AN-32 plane crash.
He told home that the remains of all were found and sent to their families. I want to convince the Chamber that our fleet of AN-32 is navigable and that there is no problem, said the Minister of Defense.
The defense minister said the investigating court ordered a few hours after the incident. The cause of the accident will be determined only after the submission of the report, he added.

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