Testing speed at the Nayagarh-Mahipur line

Nayagarh: Eastern Railway Railway (ECoR) carried out a train speed test on a newly built track from Nayagarh to Mahipur (12 km) in the ongoing Khurda Road-Balangir railway project (289 km).
The trail will be open to traffic after high-level inspections by commissioners and railway safety.
With a newly built 12 km track, ECOR has already completed 92 km of the Khurda Road-Balangir project. Earlier, 80 km of railway line was completed – 65.5 km from Khurda to Nayagarh and 14.5 km from Balangir to Bichhupalli.
It is significant that on July 20 a test train of the motor train was carried out on a 12 km BG line.

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