Teach classroom interesting and pleasant: VP tells teachers

New Delhi: Vice President M Venakaiah Naidu urged teachers to remove the method by memorizing the classroom by learning an interesting and enjoyable experience.
He wanted teachers to use technology to update and perfect students’ skills instead of learning a mechanical exercise. He also said that there is a need for teachers to provide examples of real-life situations in order to provide better understanding by students.
Addressing the gathering after laying the foundation stone for the auditorium Dr. S. Radhakrishnan at the Regional Institute of Education, Mysuru today, Naidu said that the goal of education is not only to get hired, but must also lead to enlightenment and empowering the individual by nurturing a humane quality.
Pointing out that technology could only help to acquire knowledge more quickly, Naidu thought that only through human contact could change the change in the attitudes of students for the greater good of society.
The Vice President stressed that maintaining high standards of teaching is as important as the transfer of real values ??and the shaping of students into responsible and socially conscious citizens.
Saying that the Indian education system is going through a critical phase while striving to achieve quality and justice for all, Naidu felt that it was time to focus on educational transactions that take place in the classroom.
Considering that building character and strong foundation in Indian culture, history, tradition and custom must be the basic components of the education system, the vice president said that it is important to accept good things from different circles, and remain rooted in the past of India.
Speaking of the Indian Guru Shishya Parampari, Naidu said that it was a sustainable and healthy understanding between teachers and students and also helped in the comprehensive development of students.

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