Tata Steel Kalinganagar joins the Global Lighthouse network of the World Economic Forum

Bhubaneswar: Tata Steel Kalinganagar (TSK) is listed on the World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Lighthouse Network, a community of producers that plays a leading role in the application of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Technology to initiate financial and operational impact.
TSK is the first and only Indian manufacturing factory involved in WEF’s Lighthouse network. On 3 July 2019, WEF announced the addition of 10 new factories, including TSK, to its Global Lighthouse network.
The factories join the network of 16 existing lighthouses in several geographic areas and industries. They serve as guides to guide others to overcome challenges in system upgrading and application of the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, large data analysis and 3D printing. The factories have been selected on the basis of their success in integrating these technologies in order to increase efficiency and stimulate innovation. Toy Steel from IJmuiden, Netherlands is already a member of this network.
“It is a proud moment for all of us because Tata Steel Kalinganagar joins the prestigious Lighthouse network of the World Economic Forum. TSK differs from some of the first in the Indian steel industry. In Kalinganagar not only do we have the most modern equipment and utilities, but we also increase productivity through automation and digital interventions. As we increase our capacity to 8 MPTPA, we will continue to implement the best technologies and innovations through a value chain in order to stimulate operational excellence, “said Mr. T. Narendran, CEO & MD, Tata Steel.
Completed in 2016, TSK has reached its production level at its nominal capacity in less than two years. Tata Steel Kalinganagar Steel Factory is the largest single location in Greece.
“The global Lighthouse network offers an incomparable opportunity not only to emphasize the transformational efforts of the most advanced world manufacturers, but, more importantly, to create a common learning journey that will help producers around the world through access to value chains and all sizes to access and exploit the positive potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution “Said Francisco Betti, head of the advanced manufacturing industry, World Economic Forum.
One of the key elements of the Lighthouse Network is its commitment to discovering and building solutions that can be expanded in cost-effective ways across businesses and industry.
“The 10 new lighthouses confirm that the leaders of the Fourth Industrial Revolution have attracted a competitive edge from innovating their production system or innovating whole value chains and offering new products and services that were not possible before,” said Enno de Boer, partner and Director of Global Manufacturing Practice McKinsey & Company, which collaborated with the Forum on the project.
“What is common to all leaders is that they are working hard to find ways to measure. For example, Dad not only broke code on how to make predictive maintenance on 50,000 different machines, but also overcome the challenge of placing best practices on a site with a relatively inexperienced team, supporting them by insight into world-class data. It can not be imagined before, the site is a benchmark in their productivity network and time to market. “Mr. Enno de Boer added.
Lighthouses have agreed to share their knowledge with other manufacturing companies, helping them to successfully adopt future technologies.

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