Taking action against Rottapism: Ministries are asked to submit regular checks to Babus

New Delhi: The Department of Human Resources has issued a circular instructing all ministries to conduct a regular review of all officials to end the transplant and inefficiency.
It is seen as a crackdown on Rottapism and corruption, as the news is received several days after the compulsion of 15 Treasury officials to retire on transplantation costs.
Ministries were instructed to submit the report to DoPT on the 15th of each month.
According to the circular, the review of Babus’s performance begins on July 15th. Among the 27 officials to whom the marching orders were issued were the Chief Commissioner and the Deputy Commissioner for Indirect Taxes.
According to sources, there were serious charges of corruption and falsification of IT officials who were asked to retire.
The CBI has filed a lawsuit against Chief Inspector Anup Srivastava accusing him of having participated in a criminal conspiracy to favor a realtor and gain illegal gratification.

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