Sudanese police ‘fire tear gas’ at demonstrators in Khartoum

Sudan: A Protestant is also reportedly killed, as tens of thousands of people gathered throughout Sudan to send the government to the civilian government.
Protests are the biggest since dozens were killed in an attack on pro-democracy activists on June 3rd.
The Sudan was in turmoil since the army replaced President Omar al-Bashir in April.
This followed a popular uprising against his reign. Mr. Bashir took power in the coup on June 30, 1989.
According to the Commander of the Rapid Support Force (RSF), the snipers fired at least five civilians and three members of parliamentary power during a protest on Sunday
General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo said: “There are snipers shooting at people, killed three members of the Fast Forces Support Force and five or six citizens. There are infiltrators, people who want to threaten progress.” any kind of death.
Demonstrators confronted a large presence of soldiers, including RSF, who were afraid to participate in what the organizers had cited in the “millionth” march.
“We are here due to martyrdom [June 3rd], we want a civilian state that guarantees our freedom. We want to free ourselves from military dictatorships,” the 23-year-old protester said only Zeinab told the AFP news agency.
Security forces fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators near the presidential palace and three other districts in the capital, Khartoum, AFP reports.
The mug is also fired at Khartoum’s twin town Omdurman and the eastern city of Gadaref.
In the city of Atbara in the northeast, a young protester died from a bullet wound, opponents of the Central Committee of Sudan said.

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