Sonia Gandhi named interim Congress chief after CWC meeting

New Delhi: The Congress Working Committee (CWC) has put an end to the Congress leadership’s dilemma by electing Sonia Gandhi interim as Congress President till the regular elections are held.
Earlier, the CWC also accepted Rahul Gandhi’s resignation as the leader refused to continue as the head of the party.
The announcement was made late Saturday night by the Congress Working Committee (CWC), the party’s apex body.
Many leaders, including heads of state and MPs, supported Rahul Gandhi to continue in office despite refusing to reconsider his resignation. However, after unsuccessful efforts, the committee eventually decided to nominate Sonia Gandhi as the interim head of the party.
The decision to appoint Sonia Gandhi as interim president was made after a marathon meeting of the CWC, which came after discussing the report of five groups on the decision, which was formed on the first day, and Rahul Gandhi’s possible successor. Was checking the names.
Earlier, both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi had recused themselves from the process, saying they could not be part of the consultation as they had been Congress presidents in the past.

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