Smriti Irani protests to oppose rape

New Delhi: Union Minister for Women and Child Development Smriti Irani on Friday lashed out at the opposition in Parliament, accusing her of politicizing rape.
Speaking in the Lok Sabha, the minister said that “people who use rape as a political weapon in the West Bengal Panchayat elections are preaching,” it is “not a political issue.” I thought you should have commented on Adhir Ranjan speaking. “Congress MP from Berhampur in West Bengal, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, had commented on the Unnao rape case during a debate in the House, linking the matter to BJP rule in Uttar Pradesh.
He said: “In Unnao, 95 percent of the victims have burnt, what is going on in the country? On one side, Lord Rama’s temple is being built, on the other hand Sita is being destroyed. “
Irani also said that the politicization of rape does not help women in any way.
“The fact you shout today means that you don’t want a woman to stand up and talk on issues. You were calm when in the West Bengal Panchayat elections, rape was used as a political weapon, ”she said.
“Rape can be more unfortunate for the dignity of women than politicization. The case of Hyderabad was atrocities on women, but making it a political issue would be of no use. ‘

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